Please ask us about construction of communication network!!

We design a network of infrastructure. Do analyze the collected data and investigate wired / wireless LAN, HUBs and routers. We design best network for your request by this analyze.

Not only PCs connected to LAN in the company. Other device connected to the LAN like fax machine, servers and printers.

To protect leak of information and improper access from outside, we construct secured and stable network.

We share the documents of network construction with customer when we provide maintenance service.

Especially, this method is matched in the following case.
■You want to add network for new office.
■Accelerate response and speed on the LAN and internet connection.
■You want to change to free address layout in the office.

Ask us at first!
Could you let us know how did you discuss with network construction? How did you network construction? Let’s talk what do you want to build new system.

Please ask us at first!
Let’s talk with us what you did in the past.

We would like propose better solution from long term point of view.
And keep contact with you with regular offer to you ,
because IT does progress day by day.

We do not have price list, because we make a customized plan to each customer.
You can get more cost cutting by long term solution then short term one.

Please get estimate from others.
We wish that you know our good point after know others.
We would like to satisfaction and more.

Call to 0120-987-707, post your message from web site. There is no demerit of relocations of customers by IT WELL.

If you know us, you will be able to make cost reduction.
Could you make a plan of comfortable office.